Thursday, 21 May 2009

Amanda Platell - closer, but still incorrect

This is a repost, as I realised I was lacking the crucial context which turned Amanda's comment from one about marriage into one about same-sex adoption. The quote is from "Equality? You must be joking! As watchdogs say it's OK to sneer at men (but not women) in adverts" (21st May), and fails on our previous tests of misleadingness and accuracy:

"Or how about the boss of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, David Holmes, who described as 'retarded homophobes' those who believe that heterosexual couples make the most suitable adoptive parents. This, despite the fact that most ordinary families recognise that a child fares best when it has a married mother and father in the home - a belief that is backed by repeated academic studies"

Show us the studies. Or, better still, show them to the PCC.

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  1. Blogged about this a week ago at, but didn't think about a complain to the PCC. Will now do so - thanks.